Sweat gleamed on her arm as she moved it across the heat of the unshaded patio table to grasp the still cold bottle of beer in front of her. "Tell me more about Mexico," she said, buzzing. "It sounds wonderful."

Craig smiled and leaned, elbows on the table, into his next Pacifico Clara. "You have to go. It's like a whole different planet, but better. There are no rules down there. Total freedom. And everything's cheap, cheap as a Las Vegas buffet." His freckled tan gave away his last trip down south, and his hair was streaked with almost-blonde from a heavy dose of sand, sea, and sun. He crossed his arms, emphasizing the brown biceps that stretched out the ends of his short-sleeved t-shirt. Craig stared into Angela's eyes and found himself hypnotized by the combination of beauty and beer that assaulted his senses. "We'll go this summer. You and me. Just for fun."

Her eyes opened wide and she drank the rest of her beer in silent agreement. She had long since given up pushing Craig away and now fell headlong into his desire. She was tired of cramped rooms and people she didn't want to see. Now all she wanted was a little fun, a bit of an escape. As the dizziness threatened to overtake her she got up from the table, the back of her mind wondering why Craig didn't just sweep her up into his arms right then and there. "Got to go, pal. It's been good times, but the party's over. We'll talk after papers are due."

Craig wasn't ready to go anywhere, and just continued to sit grinning like a fool. He watched her straighten and back away and called after her, "No parents to watch over you, no scary roommates, you'll love it." With that his eyes glazed over and he turned his attention away from her retreating figure to the others sitting around the cafe. A dull thought pushed his head back in her direction, and just out of earshot he called, "Hey, can I get you a cab?"

Meanwhile Angela stumbled into the dark night, tripping on her car even as she avoided the swirling streetlights. "Oh there you are." She had to get out of here before she completely lost control of her senses. She piled herself into the front seat and waited for a pause in the spinning before she fired the engine. Was this a good idea? It hadn't been that much beer really, and she had eaten a big lunch just a few hours ago. Wait a minute, wasn't the sun just out? Where had all the light gone? What time was it? Somehow hours had just passed and she could only remember a few fleeting moments. She dragged on the automatic gear shift, released the brake, and rolled out into the thin Tuesday night traffic. She cranked up the radio and felt the power of the car under her right foot. "Wheeeee!"

Her father's Audi lurched forward and, as if spider-sensing the obstacles all around her, she swung through the side streets unharmed and unaware of how close she came to parked Buicks, flowering pecan trees, runaway children. As she pulled onto the highway to her house it began to get wet, and she welcomed the drizzle on her windshield with another burst of acceleration. Sliding around the other cars on the road and fumbling for her lost windshield wipers control, Angela realized her headlights weren't even on. The flickering lights ahead of her were actually coming from behind her car -- more specifically, they were coming from the police car behind her. It was then that she realized the ringing in her ears that had been plaguing her for the past few minutes probably wasn't all in her mind.

Angela sped through the night highway in the dark and glanced at her face in the reflected lights of the rear view mirror. Her visage was strangely calm, no fear in her eyes. Ahead, cars parted right and left, while behind, her willing captor was following closer, closer, the two streaking through the night. Slowly she took her foot off the gas, not applying the brake but allowing her foot to hang in the air above the driver side mat. She gripped the wheel in both hands and rode the car to a slippery stop in the wild grass just off the shoulder of the highway. And rather than shift into park and turn off the car, she let the car idle, pushing against the slight incline of the ground but not going anywhere.

The officer in the car behind her waited patiently as she finally applied the brake and, after revving the motor a few times, actually turned the engine off and embraced the quietness of the highway, the few slowly-passing cars, and the steady hum of the police car behind. Leaving all his lights on, the policeman slowly pulled himself out of the car, eye on the driver in the dark car in front of him, hand on his trigger. In her rear view mirror she could tell he had had one too many doughnuts, but...more to love, right? She opened the car door and stood up in the night, her hands raised, her hair already wet even with the slightness of the rain. Angela turned to face her enemy and could see the relief and wonder in his eyes.

Now confident, Officer Hailey came close, his eyes narrowing in an effort to concentrate on his duty. "You caught me," whispered Angela. "Now what are you going to do with me?"

"I haven't a god damned clue. But give me a minute and I'll think of something." He couldn't help but laugh.