News from Paris

February 14, 2002


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How Do You Celebrate Valentine's Day?

Eric Philip (32, business supervisor, Meaux): "Valentine's Day is a tradition; it would be wrong not to celebrate it. In general, we go to a restaurant, but not necessarily just us two, head to head. It is also a moment of conviviality. It often happens that we look up couples we know and that we all celebrate it together. But in any case I give at least one rose to my wife to top it off."

Emmanuel Bonnay (22, military, Nancy): "I still opt for the flowers, but nowadays it is a big armful of flowers or jewelry. I try to approach it from the stance of what would give her the most pleasure. But it is a little sad to wait for Valentine's Day to give presents; I give them all year long, without any specific reason, even if it is only a trifle. But those on Valentine's Day are often bigger."

Yvonne Liufau (22, student, Nouvelle-Calédonie): "The prettiest way to celebrate Valentine's Day would be to celebrate it on my island, but that is not possible right now. So without a doubt we will go to a restaurant, but nothing is planned in advance. I don't know yet what I'm going to give him, but there will be a gift. I only do that on these occasions or for celebrations and birthdays. Valentine's Day is an extra occasion."

Yves Kérivel (65, engineer, Le Havre): "Because of my work, I am rarely at home for Valentine's Day. So, old-fashioned, I always order a bouquet for my spouse so that she receives it the same day. Between us, it is a little Valentine's Day each time I return: I often bring back for her a little gift from the place where I was. In 42 years of marriage , I have never forgotten a single Valentine's Day."

M.-Cl. Petitgenêt (53, no profession, Béziers): "We only celebrate it with a toast, that's all. I don't normally like imposed celebrations too much already, and here is a truly commercial holiday. We feel like it has only been created for us to spend our money. And why should someone wait for a certain date to give presents or to make one's love happy?"

Translated by David Sadegh