News from Paris

February 23, 2002


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What Is Your Favorite Meal?

Christophe Théo (35, commercial technician, Auvers-Sur-Oise): "I prefer starting my meal with vegetables, carrots or tomatoes for example. Next, I adore the stuffed tomatoes that my wife cooks, with sausage meat and mozarella. And then I always eat cheese. Every meal! Milk products are very important. To finish, I like an exotic touch: a mango or some kiwi fruit."

Johanna Kergal (21, flight attendant, Paris): "I always try to eat a balanced meal. To start there could be eggplant with mozarella that I make with the help of an Italian friend. And then, because I adore fish, a little sole au fenouil would do the trick. Finally, for dessert I'm crazy about apple pie. Since I was a kid, I've eaten it every weekend."

Jean-Paul Maury (50, unemployed, Montauban): "I often eat at restaurants, but never fast food. My favorite meal, I try to have about once a month. Every day would be too much. I start with an egg with jelly. then a good steak with a red wine sauce and sauteed apples. Next, cheese is obligatory! I eat brie from Meaux every night. For dessert, I love the floating islands!" (floating islands are whipped egg whites on a bed of English cream)

Jean-Paul Brosseau (41, restaurant owner, Grau-du-Roi): "I am from Nantes originally and I adore seafood, so to start I would eat stuffed oysters with a glass of muscadet. For the main course, fillet of duck with honey and little potatoes and a little Burgundy wine is unbeatable! Then some cheese, St. Nectaire or cantal, and a Tatin tart with whipped cream. There's my favorite meal, and I'm never still hungry after that!"

Rosalie Baldo (28, merchant, Marseille): "Until I was 25, I adored fast food. Now I find it sickening, and I don't eat it any more. I have Italian origins and prefer my mother's cooking. We start with a salad with sun-dried tomatoes. Then Sicilian calamari (that is to say, with a spicy sauce) with parsley and garlic. With a good tiramisu for dessert, I am well-fed. I love every cuisine; I try them all!"

Translated by David Sadegh