by David Sadegh

          'Twas Wednesday and the writer's group
          Did shlump and shimmy from the bar;
          Their backpacks pluff with empty spirals,
          And reams of themes with which to start.

          "Beware the writer's block, my friend!
          The void that kills creative thought!
          Beware distraction, waste, and sloth,
          The fabber's mib, the smoker's hack!"

          He took his ballpoint pen in hand,
          Straight to a bright café he walked;
          Then ordered he a ballou demi,
          And sat awhile in thought.

          And as in neppy thought he sat,
          The writer's block, with grimp absurd,
          Had paralyzed him just like that --
          He couldn't write a word!

          And then! One two! And through and through
          The ballpoint pen went snicker-snack!
          He plagerized something he knew
          And forced himself on track.

          "You have to beat the writer's block,
          A numph to some, but not so prue;
          Keep writing, even if it's snark
          To fank a brand new word or two!"

          'Twas Wednesday and the writer's group
          Did strut and hasten to the bar
          With notebooks jammed with glamdy verse
          To toast, in thanks, their lucky stars.




Lewis Carroll


Jabberwocky Variations


Copyright © 2002 David Sadegh.
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