people in the way

by David Sadegh

     When the revolution comes, it's my personal hope that the first up against the wall will be the people that get in the way. You know who I'm talking about. The people on a crowded sidewalk who - for no apparent reason - just stop, mindless to the fact that there is someone right behind them not expecting anything of that sort to happen. People who don't seem to understand the consequences of their actions, of their stopping. They may stop just inside the doors of the metro: "Oh, I made it in, no worries!" They stop and you're still trying to avoid the doors of doom before they snap shut. Worse yet is when they stop at the top of an escalator - and you are coming up behind with no choice but to smack right into them. These people don't seem to realize that they are sharing this world with other living, moving beings. They are not the center of the universe, though they might be surprised to hear that fact. These are the people that aren't paying attention to which way the metro doors are going to open and slothily drape themselves over the door you're trying to get in, leaning against it and taken completely by surprise when the doors do open and they are nearly pitched backwards into the gap. Because they are unaware, they force you to give them a shock - there simply is no other way to get around them.

     There is a worse breed of these types, of course. Even more dastardly than the people who get in the way thoughtlessly are the people who get in the way deliberately. People who get in your way to prevent you from going where you want. Maybe it is because they got there first and they don't want to share the pie, or the space, or the place where they are. These are the minority. The majority aren't even there yet - probably won't get there at all - and they get in your way, forcing you back, simply because they don't want you to be somewhere they are not. They gave up the journey a long time ago, and they need company.

     It's difficult to ignore the people in the way. Maybe it's people we know and love, maybe it's authority figures we feel deserve some respect. It's important to understand why they are holding you back. Is it for your own good, a protective measure? Or is it for their sake, a conservative attempt to keep things as they are, to lock out change that may disrupt the comfort of their world? Maybe it's good to have these obstacles; we then face the question of how important our journey is. How much force is necessary to get where we want to go? How serious is it for us? How strong is our reserve? How confident are we in our decisions? The more important our goal is, the less difference the people in the way make. We will get there somehow.

     Underground, the trains keep rolling. Even if they are stopped sometimes, chances are they will get to their destination, moving forward on a path carved out of the rock just for them. There is a way to get there, always. There is a truth and a path that cannot be blocked, a creativity and light that will not be eclipsed, but will instead pour forth through the tunnels of the imagination to create a new day.